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Cosmic Octopus Ski!!!

Cosmic Octopus Ski!!!

By: J_skis

Cosmic Octopus and cats in spaces goin' nuts!

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  2. Sep 28th 2016
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The search for the next Olympian

The search for the next Olympian

The UK is on the hunt for the next James Woods and Katie Summerhayes. If you think you have what it takes, check out this potential opportunity of a lifetime

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  2. Aug 27th 2016
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"TRACKS" a montana web series

"TRACKS" a montana web series

Today I released the first of many many video projects from all the skiing I've captured in the past three years. The videos include a large amount of footage that crashed on a hard drive a while back that brought all of this to a standstill. I'm glad to say that after quite the recovery, here is TURTLE TRACKS, Episode 1 of many videos following the raddest crew in Montana! Huge thanks for the assistance filming Mike Kvackay!

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  2. Jul 29th 2016
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Posted by Line_Skis
Tom Wallisch is coming to Europe! Be part of his tour starting in France at the High Five Festival or join him in one of the shops in Switzerland, Austria, Germany or Sweden - and you´ll have the chance to say Hi to him and win some of his pro model gear! If there is a possibility he’ll show you his latest Movie Project Good Company Ski / Vice Versa too. Ohh and for sure you’ll have the chance to get your own signed Tom Wallisch Tour Poster. Sounds good? See you there!
sponsored 16/17 Pre-Order Shipping Update!
Posted by Saga.
We are fast approaching the Winter 2016/17 season! Temperatures are dropping and we’re expecting our first storm in the mountains near our headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah. As we enter shipping season, we want to update you about your Pre-Orders. We always pride ourselves on being transparent with our customers and this fall will be no different. Over the course of the next three weeks we will be receiving multiple 40-foot containers full of our outerwear, apparel, and accessories. The moment the containers arrive we begin the process of unloading, organizing, picking and packing your orders. By the week of October 24th we will be working around the clock to ensure that pre-orders have started to ship out!
sponsored Is this a Body Pretzel?
Posted by J_skis
After significant scientific research we have come to the conclusion that Gabe's tricks do in fact defy the laws of physics. Something only possible on the #JWhipitSki
sponsored Bundle Up
Posted by Saga.
Bundle 1: Outerwear Combine any jacket and pant Bundle 2: Apparel Any 3 apparel tops Shop the entire 16/17 collection  
sponsored Burrrlapz The Movie | The Teaser
Posted by Line_Skis
Cover Photo by Mike Kirk Supported by Commit Snow and Skate Line Skis Fernie Alpine Resort Smith Optics Shot by Dylan Siggers Brody Mcskimming Josh Mcskimming Essex Prescott Featuring Essex Prescott Brody Mcskimming Josh Mcskimming LSM Gabe Taube Dylan Siggers Mikey Witlox And Friends Coming November 2016
sponsored The Brothers Brower: La Primavera
Posted by Saga.
“The spring is our favorite time of the year to ski. Early spring brings its surprise storms and bluebird powder days, then transitions into late spring with its warm weather and long days. This spring we tried to spend less … Continued
sponsored Team Style & Fit
Posted by Saga.
As we creep closer to opening day our team has started to put together their favorite gear combos for the coming season. With so many different combinations available we decided we would bring them by the office and shoot some … Continued