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Introducing Project North Shore

Introducing Project North Shore

This summer, follow Ben Smith and Ethan Swadburg as they travel to California and South America to design and test RMU's next powder ski. RMU has partnered with Evo for this 3-episode series, launching early June, July and September.

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  2. Apr 21st 2017
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CAST Releases the Pivot Freetour Touring Binding for Pre-Order

CAST Releases the Pivot Freetour Touring Binding for Pre-Order

By: Cast

Freeskiing champs and mountain hardware innovators, Lars and Silas Chickering-Ayers are releasing their latest touring binding to skiers worldwide through their company, CAST Touring. The brothers have created the safest solution for AT bindings to meet their own demands and fill the void that pintech bindings will always leave.

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  2. Apr 10th 2017
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sponsored TC / BC!
Posted by Line_Skis
When November's warm, you head north. Canada had been hogging all the early season snow, so the TC decided to hop in the van, escape the election and see what all the backcountry hype is about. From real skiing on real mountains, to rail skiing at the ice rink, the crew makes the most of preseason north of the boarder in TCBC! Directed by Jake Strassman. Produced by Line Skis & Full Tilt Boots. Filmed on location in Canaduh.
sponsored LINE Traveling Circus - The Hunt for White October is LIVE!
Posted by Line_Skis
Winter. It’s invaded the United States and there’s only one team able to track it down & slay – The LINE TRAVELING CIRCUS! The second release this season, The Hunt for White October debuts exclusively on Monday at! Watch Starring Will Wesson, Andy Parry, Ross Imburgia, Khai Krepela with special guest Dale Talkington. Directed by Jake Strassman. Produced by Line Skis& Full Tilt Boots. Filmed on location in Wyoming “Ma’am!?” – Andy Parry