West Coast Sessions EDITWest Coast Sessions was amazing. àIt was cool meeting up with some people I havn't seen the entire season. àIt was nice to ski Timberline and lap lap lap, all day long. àThe set ups were awesome thanks to Brandon Pastucka and Ethan Stone once again. àI made a little edit with Landis Tanaka from Alaska. àTwas fun, I am off to hit this mega jump at Mt. Bachelor... if anyone wants to see a huge pile of snow, this is indeed a huge pile of snow. àMe and my friends are making bets of when the entire pile will melt, and my guess is late August!!
The Poor Boyz Crew should show up soon and this pile of snow will be skied upon. Until then click this link above for my gopro edit I filmed during west coast. àIt was nice to try a different view, and the little camera makes filming simple, I like it.

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