So these days, skiing is all about the Urban, ghetto, rail ridders, the "Jibbers". But is there really any true Urban going on? Ill watch these ski movies nowadays, and see these "Urban" shots, of some pro sliding down yet another handrail...This isnt true Urban. I then will watch a snowboard movie, and see crazy street gaps, bomb drops, riding picnic tables, poppin off buildings, and all of this absolutely crazy shit.

This brings me to my point

We need a new generation of skiiers, who actually ski Urban. Im not saying just handrails, but ledges, gaps, drops, bombing runs, wallrides, and gaps to whatever the hell else is around the city! Get off the damn handrail, and show me something truly urban that is not looking just like some kid in a park...

Understand im not making fun of those who do handrails, but i believe we need to get out, and off the stairs more, and try some new stuff!

So whos with me, for this "Urban" revolution?

like it up, and throw it down...