Untouched Sample Shots Captured with Nokia?s New 41MP Camera Phone


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"TRACKS" a montana web series

"TRACKS" a montana web series

Jul 29th 2016

Today I released the first of many many video projects from all the skiing I've captured in the past three years. The videos include a large amount of footage that crashed on a hard drive a while back that brought all of this to a standstill. I'm glad to say that after quite the recovery, here is TURTLE TRACKS, Episode 1 of many videos following the raddest crew in Montana! Huge thanks for the assistance filming Mike Kvackay!

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Behind the Lens: Ilanna Barkusky

Behind the Lens: Ilanna Barkusky

Jun 12th 2016

Look through magazines and find what kinds of work inspire you. Don’t worry about what kind of camera you have – shoot what you’re stoked on and see where that takes you!

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