More often than not, our community is downright hilarious, so in an effort to showcase that while injecting some humor into the at times serious news, we wanted to have some fun by sharing some of our favorite highlights from a recent and already classic thread in the forums...The Rage of a Freeskier.

Started by Charles Cultrara (who was one of the winners of last month's First Drop Design Contest), this thread, which has been 'raging' on for over a month now, featured a template with a version of the image from the legendary Photoshop Tanner Hall thread, where members were encouraged to create their own hilarious designs. Here, in our opinion, are eight of the funniest ones...

By usernames Afeld & broto

Above and below by username Mike-O...

By username Skoalsteeze

Above and below by username Mr.Huck...

By username lazf

Check out the full thread by clicking here, and let us know which was YOUR favorite, or better yet, help us keep it going by making one of your own!

We love you guys.

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