Zermatt has become something of a home from home for The Bunch. BMack is now a permanent, sometimes forest dwelling, resident. He works on the park crew, creating unique features and melting minds year round. Much of the rest of the crew dropped in to visit over the course of the summer. When I was in town, Peyben and filmer Gustav were stacking shots and LSM had left the day before. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, so without further ado: The Bunch's self-shot summer photo album.

Morning gondola, healthy breakfast and the Horn. Photo: Peyben
Swiss vibes. Photo: Peyben
Surfing the morning wave. Photo: Peyben
Gapping Zermatt's finest pair. Photo: Gustav
LSM Noseblock. Photo: Peyben
Peyben Firecracker Shifty. Photo: Gustav
LSM Portrait. Photo: Peyben
LSM Fastslide. Photo: Peyben
Peyben with a Nosebutter upside down. Photo:Gustav
BMack Lifestyle. Photo: Peyben
BMack Backslide. Photo: Peyben
Lightbulb moment. Photo: Gustav
LSM #handplantsacrosseuropa. Photo: Peyben
BMack Lunchstyle. Photo: Peyben
Apres ski chill
BMack's Summer Home. Photo: Peyben
Camp Spot Second Angle. Photo: Peyben
Sleeping under this sky. Photo: Peyben