Steve Petrie and the Arena Snowpark crew are happily building new rails in our top secret rail yard.  Here's what they have already built or as they would say in their technichal jargon, "finished fabricating".  Yeah, those guys are crazy!!

Flat down flat.  There are two versions of this rail coming, a shorter one with the steel lying flatt so it's 4inches wide and a longer one with the steel on it's side so it's only 2 inches wide.  The current version features a 4 ft flat section, followed by a 24 ft down section and finishes off with a 4 ft flat section.   These rails will be set up so you can dial your tricks on the mellower rail and then bring it to the bigger rail.  That is the theme for all our rails this summer.  Hello progression.  

And yeah, we're getting all urban on ya!  Well as urban as you can get while skiing on a glacier atop of a 7,000 ft mountain. Son.

Okay next...

Flat bars.  The funnest rails are always the simple ones and we're adding a lot more flat bars to the rail line up this summer.  The flats will come in different lengths, heights and will be featured in a in a variety of different and creative set ups.   Flats lying flat, flats going down, flats going up.  We'll have flats in all directions.   These bad boys will also be set up in rail lines ,for all ability levels, that run the whole length of the park.  With a park the size or ours, it means there are going to be a lot of nice long rail lines for you to lap.

Needless to say with all these new rails, Camp Dirctor Ken is as happy as a litte kid with a big watermelon.  Literally...

You have asked for more rails, so we're giving you more by adding $40,000 in new rails to the park this summer.  Thats in addition to the $40,000 in new rails we added last summer.  You've also asked for a lot more boxes as well, so stay tuned for more details on what we're working on.

Add these new rails to the existing jump lines, quarter pipes, halfpipe and MegaBag, and you're getting a park product and experience that you simply can not find anywhere else.  We still have some space left in a few sessions, but sign up sign if you haven't done so already or you'll miss out on what is going to be the best summer camp experience on record.

You know what they say about the size of your sticker...

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