Okay, so if we haven’t hammered home the point yet…you gotta get up to get down. Hike up, walk up, run up. Go up.

Anybody can take 12 hours to get up the mountain. But we’re training to get first tracks in EV on a powder day. So, now that you’ve hopefully been getting out and enjoying the colors as the leaves change, it’s time to focus on doing it faster. Climb like ya mean it.

We figured a good tester for speed might be something on the mountain, that way if you kill yourself, body recovery won’t be difficult or expensive. Berry picker, a classic, straight up, straight down, lunch at Bart & Yeti’s. Guides online peg it anywhere between 2-3 hrs. But that’s for Fatty McLawyer from Tulsa. You’re gonna do it in 2.5 hrs, round trip. Basically, it’s anything short of a trail run uphill and the occasional jog downhill. Turn off the brain, get the legs pumpin’ and go. Check back Monday for the next one…