Since I had exhausted the extensive list of skiing films on zune (about 4 or 5), I decided to watch a film about one of the things I used to be pretty much 'obsethed' (see what I did there?) when I was younger; Skateboarding, I still do it a bit in the summer when the waves are down. So anyways the other night I sat down o what a documentary about the original z-boys. Whilst taking you through the short lived success of the zephyr surf/skate team, before they fell apart,  the documentary never failed to stress how they were surfer first skaters second. I had always been well aware that surfing was at the roots of skateboarding, however it was watching this film that it got me thinking about how we in out newschool skiing world can trace our roots back to surfing. The surfing roots are more dilluted as we are quite along way evolved from surfing but the evolution of our sport and indeed many other sports we all enjoy can be shown like this:

Surfing (been around for years, the earliest account appears in the Bible which details Paul riding to shore on a plank of wood)


Skateboarding (first around in the 50s died out quickly the sport lacked versatility, the parallel slalom nature of it soon bored the American youth, was rediscovered by the original z-boys who put a surfing spin on it. Jay Adams is generally acknowledged as the spark that ignited the sport and was by far the most naturally talented of the z-boys)


Snowboarding (it was really the obvious evolutionary step, originally PGS formats would have existed and then skate inspired terrain parks started to emerge)


Newschool Skiing (Really Newschool Skiing was all about doing what 'they' were doing on snowboards, on skis. To find out more about this read the history of line skis -

Even today many aspects of surfing are still filtering into our sport, many of the nimbus athlete's style is very surf inspired just check out the nimbus slash: -