Been a pretty slow winter so far, snow wise, I have been enjoying nonetheless. àI get a pair of Benchetlers on the 9th of December, it will be my first time experiencing the reverse camber skis. àI have always been happy with riding regular powder skis, but I am really excited to try the reverse camber Bentcheler's. àI finally won't have to worry about that annoying tip digging annoyingness, I get when I land switch in powder, now I get to afterbang pow landings!Here is a 2bi4 edit me and Creighton collaborated on at Mt. Hood a few days ago. àI find it very funny that I have skied on the palmer Glacier 8 consecutive months in a row.... yep May-Dec. àI am craving some fresh snow.Excited to do some blogs this winter, keep checking back for more updates

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