I can see that the two big questions everybodyôs woundering is when im back on my skis so im gonna write down my schedule for the next month. First I want to say that my neck feels really good, and I feel ready to get back on my skis. After 15 hours in the gym doing gymnastics I canôt see that im not ready. I had some pretty bad necktwisting falls and I didnôt feel anything. In my book thatôs a sign that im good to go.Schedule:Im going to Stockholm for the Winterjam on Friday, im not skiing though. I might be ready to ski but im not ready to walk narrow stairs 50 meters up, strap on my skis, drop in on the 1 meter wide inrun and hit a incity jump. Im just going to hang out and meet my buddyôs that I havenôt seen for 8 months. Im really looking forward to that and Stockholm is a really cool town so I bet it will be sick as every year.Next week I think Iôll go home and strap my skis on, do some carves and just get the feel of the snow and everything. After that Iôll go vistit my man Andreas HÃÂ¥tveit, see how married life is working out for him, heôs also building a jump as we speak so im hoping that will be the place I can get the feel and my tricks back. As far as my first contest goes Im really not sure, I just have to see how terrible my skiing is, maybe Iôll go to the first Dew tour stop in Breck maybe not. I donôt see the point of traveling that far for a contest you donôt feel ready for. Weôll see.As I said Im going to stchlm on friday. I just finished watching Gossip Girl season 2. Iôll be walking around the arena in Stockholm figuring out whoôs hot and whoôs not, and whatôs going on in the VIP lounge and all that, Iôll be your little Gossip Boy for the weekend;) so be sure to check back in.PK