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Good Company Remix - Saga Outerwear

Good Company Remix - Saga Outerwear

Nov 9th 2015

When it comes time to put together the final version of any edit or video some shots will be left on the cutting room floor. The Saga X Good Company Remix features some previously used, unused and alternate angles of Tim … Continued

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"TRACKS" a montana web series

"TRACKS" a montana web series

Jul 29th 2016

Today I released the first of many many video projects from all the skiing I've captured in the past three years. The videos include a large amount of footage that crashed on a hard drive a while back that brought all of this to a standstill. I'm glad to say that after quite the recovery, here is TURTLE TRACKS, Episode 1 of many videos following the raddest crew in Montana! Huge thanks for the assistance filming Mike Kvackay!

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