This is from a little bit ago but why not recap the road trip out to Windells seeing the drive is around 12 hours and there is literally nothing in between. So this is more of theàsurvival guide to long shitty road trips. To start,àyou better beàprepared with the road trip essentials and use any chanceàavailableàtoàmingle with the locals at rest stops and take in that natural vibe. This roadhouse crew was originally just Austin and I but with last minute addition ofàAngeli Vanlaanen we were on our way atàapproximately 75 mph until Oregon then it was aprox 65 mph, no speeding tickets on a trip isàessential seeing the reason your road tripping is probably due to finances, so a speeding ticket couldàtackàon a couple extraàBenjamin’s.àIn the Saga mobile we are all law abiding citizens so we dodged the bullet this time. The reason for theàimpromptuàtrip was visit the mythological place they call Windells where you canàsupposedlyàski in the summer? I still don’t believe it. There is also the coaches sale which you probably already read about in Tim’s blog post.àThe trip was lots of fun, it was my first time at Windells and I also got to visit some friends in Portland, all in one week! A win win? Below are some photos of the proper way to road trip and some random encounters we had on highway 84 east en route to the hood life.

The crew road trip ready, Angeli probably playing snake on her cell phone. I was so jealous she had that pillow, this was the first thing I realized I had forgotten.
Every trip begins and ends with some sort of energy drinkàpoisoningàyour system in excessive amounts, thanks Angeli for the Red Bull!
Music probably the most importantàaccessoryàin any road trip, there happens to be a sender song playing, the picture would have looked slightly different if taken while listening to the previous song.
Protect the prizedàpossessions, fitteds travel first class.
Not concerned with the group photo as much as the fitting title in the windows. This was our lunch stop in I don’t know where Idaho. All I know is it was the best sliced turkey I have ever had from a grocer, real talk.àYou might already be noticing another road trip essential and that is tank tops/comfortable clothes. No need to dress to impress, this isn’t the airport and you won’t run into any big wigs at theàFlying Jà100 miles north of Boise, so keep it casual.
We even donated to local causes and gave them saga stickers! Saga supports the local economy.à
I guess for a donation you get a free pep rally style cheer.
When you see these you start to get antzy knowing your closing in on Hood, I didn’t know this seeing it was my first time but I know for next time.
There it is! A volcano with snow on it, from here on it was a nice relaxing trip, sometimes you just need to get out of the office. I also got to get a tour of the Nike campus during the week, lets just say they don’t F*** around there, it was unreal.

So maybe you learned something about road tripping or are now just thinking about snow, either way theàunderlyingàmessage is flying is overrated, old school driving senders with friends are the new new.

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