Today was the first day of Cold Rush. Retallack is amazing, it's been almost two years since I've been here and returning reminds me why everyone in the industry gravitates to this place.

But you're most likely more interested in the ski antics of the day, not my personal revelations. Today was the 'Backcounty Jump' portion of the event, where six jumps were built and we hucked our shit off of them. Backcountry big air events are always interesting, as everyone is hitting the jumps for the first time, often leading to many misadventures. Today was a bit different, the level was real high and saw a bunch of people stomping and spinning along the way. Kye and Riley Leboe killed it, along with Cody Townsend who sent a huge 3. Impressive work for sure...

Along the way we got to shred a couple free runs and also hit the jumps for fun for a bit, honestly one of the best vibes at a competition I've even been to, but then again, i don't really compete that much. So I don't know if all the dudes at JOI throw high fives at the end of the day...  Tomorrow's the 'Cliff' portion of the event, where I'm sure people will be sending again, undoubtedly.

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