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Portraits of Kids Before and After Tooth Surgery


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Climbing Dragon's Tooth in RMNP

Climbing Dragon's Tooth in RMNP

Mar 24th 2016

A quick write up of my climb of Dragon's Tooth on Flattop in RMNP. *Disclaimer* - does not involve any skiing whatsoever

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I Hate Gapers!

I Hate Gapers!

Jan 15th 2016

Gapers are the worst! learn to ski on the freaking bunny trail not the terrain park. Parents are stupid to bring their kids to the park, the chances of little kids skiing in the park and getting wrecked by skiers or boarders who couldn't see them, are very high. Then on top of everything, it's apparently the park skier or snowboarders "fault" that these little kids get hurt because their parents love to let them ski on the back sides of jumps and in the landings of rails and jumps. Ban Gapers somehow!

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