I have always loved traditional photography, the style and feel of each picture is impossible to replicate no matter how good at photoshop you are. Each picture takes anàimmenseàamount of work from the negative strips toàactuallyàdeveloping each photo one by one in the lab. I myself cannot use or develop traditional film but saga friend and intern Dustin Chessin has it on lock (you will see more of his work to come, it’s the truth). Today he stopped by and dropped off one of hisàlatestàprints fresh out of the lab and I couldn’t be more stoked on how well it came out (Yea Dus). Pictured are TJ and Fitz sporting the Fresco and High Tek tee’s. Everyday the collaboration grows and with that comes a style that is 100% our own. Never fall for imitation, we promise we won’t.

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