àà à à àNintendo is a huge part of every person involved with Saga, so It is vital that I share this information with you and tell you that Wizard is a must see movie and most of you know a ton about Nintendo but truth is theres a ton of stuff you do not know yet. Here are some facts I pulled from around the web.


*The guy who did the voice for Mario in Mario 64 isàCharles Martinet (if you wanted to know it).à

*It took over 10 men 2 whole years to produce Super Mario Bros 3!

*àThe word Nintendo is composed of 3 Japanese Kanji characters, Nin-ten-do. These characters can be translated into a sentence like: “Leave luck to heaven“

*There were a total of 670 total games produced for the NES, which encouraged third-party programmers unlike rival Atari.




These photos might get us some jailtime if they get into the wrong hands, if your dad is a cop do not show these to him. àThis is our trek up to Seattle last year, this gaming made the ride go by super fast.

Sean and I playing Darts, one of my favorites


5 O’clock traffic turns into 5′Oclock gametime

Status: you drive while I master level 8-2 of Super Mario Bros.

Not safe, but so neccessary

Imagine if à”Power” gave you the graces of Hamburger head

Angus is spitting fireballs, I would back off


àà à This concludes our nintendo tribute. I also suggest watching all the àAngry video game nerdàVideos, they are very entertaining, Austin actually sent in art work of the nerd that he used on his old website, props to Austin. àif you have any questions do not be scared to ask us, we are nintendo experts.

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