These are individual points, nothing more. Just my personal take as of this moment:

- Darfur is a crisis worthy of intervention and deployment of troops, more so than Afganistan and Iraq.

- The Animal Liberation Front people are incredibly twisted.

- Alberto Gonzales is a fucking disgrace to our country.

- The democrats apparently have STILL not learned how to run a campaign. Thanks for paving the way for a republican candidate again.

- Ron Paul has some good ideas. But he lost my vote when he chose to run as a republican instead of an independant. Why would you vote for someone who's ready to ditch their views and follow a majority in order to get better press? Do you want that kind of person in charge of the country?

- The World Bank finances and maintains third world poverty.

- 95% of the dams existing on Earth should not have been built, considering their environmental, social and political outcomes next to benefits.

- Evolution is as much a theory as gravity.

- There is no atheism. Atheists, however, need to stand up for their views and support them with the tenacity that most religious people do.

- The executive branch should be given a set amount of veto's and pardons. The executive branch does also not control; The house, the senate or even the justice branch. They need reminding.