Moment Productions is proud to imprint its very own perspective on the freeskiing world by presenting a fictive skiing short story. “Get Creative” tells the story of a young freeskier who struggles to make it through a snowless summer in Quebec. How will he achieve it? Everyone has its own way to create. What will his be?

Get Creative.

A short film by Nicolas Guy-Caron

Featuring the talent of Nicholas Chenard, Greg Berneche, Steven Normandin, Charles St-Germain, Louis-Victor Pomerleau Surprenant, Sébastien Devaux, Jonathan Devaux, Philippe Allard, Alex Lemay, Francis Simard, LC Pilon, Mick Dion, Philippe Lauzon, Maxime St-Onge & friends.

Cinematography by Nicolas Guy-Caron, Christophe Fortin & Thomas Fontaine

Title animation by Simon Jacques

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