Do It Yourself is the first movie of a finnish production company Elo Pictures. Good friends, professional working group and the best team spirit gives the most greatest frames to make qualified snowboarding documentary. The movie has been filmed mostly in the northern part of Finland, where most of the riders are from. The movie tells about the winter season in Finland including riders own thoughts about making the movie. The result is do-it-yourself snowboarding movie. Winter through our eyes.

Riders: Taneli Haapala, Juho Haapalainen, Siimon Hurtig, Hans Kestilä, ARC RIDER Matti Kinnunen, Anssi Lakela, Joel Lahti, Josa Leskinen, Niko Lehtola, Matti Ollila, Ville Paumola, Tero Poikajärvi, Arto Saraniemi…

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