Make an Easy-to-Swap Bokeh Modifier Kit


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This Is Where We Live: Welcome

This Is Where We Live: Welcome

Dec 31st 2015

Life in Revelstoke is easy and fun and you're never sure who will be sleeping in your bed. This is part one in a series about the place.

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Featured Kit

Featured Kit

Oct 4th 2016

If you have ever asked the question, “What is style?”, the answer is simple. Steve Stepp IS style. From his early days as the Green Goblin all that way through to Stephanie Stepp, Steve shows a very special style in both his gear and his skiing. Steve is very meticulous about the look of what he wears and how he skis. The collection below was selected by Steve. He told us he likes his look to have one mellow or dark piece and one colorful.

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