Hey Folks!Still in the hospital.Got back to Lillehammer hospital after a successfully surgery at UllevÃÂ¥l a couple of days ago. After the surgery I expected tobe on my feet pretty much at once, but I had to lay on my back for two days without even getting the option of rising my back.Today was a big day for me though, today was my first stepsin one week and 2 days. It was actually a bit funny, I was dizzy and very insecure about my ability to walk. but I didnôt pass outand I didnôt eat shit so I guess it went well. I just want to get home, it sucks lying here so close to home,looking out the window and pretty much see my house (not really)is really frustrating. They said that I had to stay here for two days,just so they can make sure that Im healthy and I donôt get any infections and stuff. Thatôs about it! Since there probably not gonna be that much skiing on this blog in the nearest future I have some surprises for you guys.some contests with some pretty good prices. Im planing of doing a couple of contests but I donôt know when and how.The only thing I know is the prize for the one contest. I wonôt tell you,but Iôll give you a hint. ---- Itôs pink and purple.PK