Once again the kids showed us all what theyâÂÂre made of at the Annual Toyota SnowBomb Sick-N-Twisted LiâÂÂl Air Jump Competition at Alpine Meadows. And apparently itâÂÂs a really light form of rubber! They go WAY up and when the come down nothing stops them! We have some amazing little huckers here at Alpine Meadows and even more come in every spring for LiâÂÂl Air!

LiâÂÂl Air isnâÂÂt just some lark in the park on a sunny spring day. It was a down and dirty competition to find the future X-Games super stars. Every year we see bigger and better tricks from these boys and girls, snowboarders and skiers age 10 and under.

Prizes included skis, snowboards, sweatshirts, Huck Dolls and gear from SnowBomb. Everyone was a winner! Be sure to hit up the Tigel Terrain Park all next season to build your chops for NEXT years Sick-and-Twisted LiâÂÂl Big Ait Competition from Alpine Meadows, Toyota and SnowBomb!

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