Fall seems to be a time of renewal for me. It's time to conclude the previous adventures and begin anew, freshen up my spirit and mind and prepare for the upcoming adventures that are sure to ensue. Old man winter gave a taste of his glory last Saturday providing us Utah residents with a couple inches of fluff. Fat flakes swirled down throughout the day on Sunday when I returned from Seatlle's Triple Threat. I arrived to have the pleasure of this:

Yeah, those are storm clouds! Yeti's must be coming out of hibernation...
Speaking of refreshing, I had to take a picture of the disaster area that could have been avoided if I did not lead such a travel intensive life. On a couple occasions this year I returned to see two fully packed leftover bags that I didn't have time to wash before departing again. Cleanup took two days... I can't believe I'm publishing this... hopefully it will make you feel better about procrastinating the cleanup of your own room.