Facebook Mobile Overhaul Makes Photos More Prominent


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Listen Up: It's Jay Starnino

Listen Up: It's Jay Starnino

Jan 22nd 2016

Jay Starnino walks his own path and finds wisdom in the empty theatre of the mountains. It's what makes him happy. It's what makes him a skier.

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Man in a Van: Rob Heule

Man in a Van: Rob Heule

Jul 7th 2016

The stir crazy soul dreams of leaving the hum of office space behind in exchange for the whir of passing asphalt. Some actually make the move to a mobile lifestyle, packing anything & everything needed to log adventures in between the click of the odometer and now, #Vanlife seems to be all the rage nowadays. But before it was in vogue to criss cross the country in an #adventuremobile, curated Instagram account in tow, some were already out & ahead of the curve.

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