Digital cameras are found in a variety of gadgets – including smartphones. In fact Camera Phones are one of the fastest growing segments of the digital camera market. Some believe that they are beginning to win market share away from the low end offerings of many digital camera manufacturers.

Camera FV-5: Aimed squarely at photography enthusiasts. It provides users with near total manual control over their camera settings. Users can manually configure settings such as the shutter speed, focus and exposure compensation.

Adobe Lightroom: Lightroom supports virtually any image file format so you can seamlessly sync your photos, raw image metadata, and much more across all of your devices, including your desktop. From your desktop, you can precisely control colour and tone, make adjustments to specific areas, and correct perspectives. With direct access to your Adobe Spark Page, you can easily turn your photographs into beautiful visual stories, share then in the Lightroom galleries, or share them on Social Media.

Google Photo: You think of Google+ as another social network platform? but the photo app bundled with it has a host of useful features to help you get the most out of your photographs. You can automatically backup your photographs to Google Cloud, making them available on all of your smart devices.

Instagram: Pretty much synonymous with smartphone photography. The Android version has come a long way in recent years, making it easier to improve the way your images look.