How did you first learn of Anna Nicole Smith? for me, it was by watching porn. Yes, that's right, the person that everyfucking dumbshit american is hallowing on the news used to be a Porn star. Oh, that's right, she was also a money-grubbing slut who married some old dude who choked "rather unexpectedly"...

So why the fuck is some shitty hooker taking the front page versus a story such as, oh, i dont know...JESUS's TOMB MIGHT HAVE BEEN FOUND ?  Yes, that's right, a shitty story about some dumb bitch is taking precedence over the news of the possible discovery of Jesus's tomb - the tomb of a man who's story has helped shape the world into what it is now.

The Jesus thread in the forums was what actually led me to write this blog. In it, some dumb shit replie"How????" to a post stating that Jesus had somehow changed the world.

we have a serious problem here - people are placing more importance in people who have played no part in their life (the dumb sluts on Laguna Beach, or the hooker presently at the top of the news, and other random celebrities), and because of this the real knowledge they should know, like their history. I personally believe that if you dont know where you come from, then you dont know you are, as well as that if you don't learn the mistakes of the past, you're bound to repeat them in the future.

so what am i getting at now? the influence religion has had on all our lives. i'll continue this later...

/end rant