Congrats to Wiley Miller on a grease filled Heli trip with SEABA heli guides. Took this one to the moon!Read his story below:So our trip up here in Haines is wraping up.à We fullfilled our contract yesterday, and will spend the next days relaxing knowing we have accomplished what we came here for...

Me...the Chilkat inlet... sunset... pricelessà
Our guide, Will Spilo was rippin the SEABA van around a little too hard, she stopped working in the middle of nowwhere.à luckly a driveway.à Here we test adding gas.. it didn't work.à
The Curtain... LINES!à
Pete of Union snowboards gets some...à
Sunset... beautifulà
Steazy ST and myself.à
The local mormon temple...à
Will assessing some terrain for us...
àA POV of Dicks Pick'sà
Magical Mushrooms in AK!à
The GNAR!àà
The boyz... Me, Billy the tailguide, ST, Will Spilo, Cricco, Duncan, and Freedle.àà
Freedle became one with the glacier, laying down a mean power ski guitar session....àAK has blessed.à I'm coming home on Sunday.à Ahhhhhhh what a feeling.à

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