Ok a terrible thing happened today. Whilst reveling in the glory of the 25C' tempertures that spring brings and shredding the humble remains of snow that happens to be left over everything went wrong. I left my cam bag on the side of the run on the grass under the park crews hut. To my horror i accidently left it somewhat unzipped and some weekend warrior(begginer from the city) sprayed copious amounts of spring slush all through my camera bag. This would be all well and good as it usually only contains my camera and my cleaning kit. However but for reasons unknown to me i was carrying 15 tapes all full and recorded in LP so 15x90....thats alota fucking minutes...so with all my tapes water damaged i dont know what to do...by the end of this blog they may be dry and i will se if they are ok but im pretty devastated as you could imagine...


P.S my blog isnt on the front page now im really devastated.