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Last saturday I had the great chance to go judge the 3rd rail jam held at Mt High, Ca. Over 50 kids showed up to show off there jibbing skills. There was a Juniors age group, women, skiers, and the open which had $500 up for grabs. There was a 30 minute heat to make it to finals and kids were going for it, at least 2 kids in every heat hiked 100 yrds up the mtn to attempt to air the kink but maybe needed a little more wax that day. There was a 10 man final for open, winner takes all $$$ and these guys wanted it bad. Ended up with Ians Sams winning $500 in open, there was also $150 for 1st place skier, $150 for women, and $100 for the junior along with plenty of UA gear and other product.

After finals everyone gathered around the bottom for a mini hip hop show were locals who had one to many started dancing and showing that open mic skills.

After the dance sesh and the hip hop everyone headed down to the bottom for awards to get there loot and all there gear. Once awards were over and the day was done everyone who was over 21 headed out to Hollywood for the after party at the Kress where Slick Rick performed for over a good hour, it was amazing. Everyone had a great time, thanks UA for putting on this event I’m sure I speak for all the kids who had fun.

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