2/28/12 Big Mountain Starfish/EV Trip Report and Black Flag Warning.


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Introducing the Peak2Park Virtual Competition

Introducing the Peak2Park Virtual Competition

Nov 8th 2016

The North Face Peak2Park Virtual Competition invites competitors from anywhere on the mountain to showcase their skills and compete virtually with fellow skiers and snowboarders in North America and Europe. Whether you ski in the Park and Pipe Open Series (PPOS); or hit big mountain features on your skis or snowboard in the new All Mountain Open Series (AMOS), now is the time to start filming. Film your best clips, splice them together, and submit your edit for a chance to win part of the prize purse valued at $65,000. Learn more at

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How to Choose and Plan a Heliski Trip

How to Choose and Plan a Heliski Trip

Jan 27th 2016

Heliskiing really is the ultimate dream for any powder-focused skier or snowboarder, but when you look at the costs, it often becomes apparent why the ‘once in a lifetime’ tag is so appropriate. This article will guide you through how to choose the perfect heliski trip, so you get the best return for your investment.

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