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October 2012



Waiting, hoping, wishing

Buena Vista

My job

Sw 270 on

169 K2 Domain 174 K2 Domain

The helicopter was just ready to come out and start filming.. I just wanted to get one more in so I could, you know, just be ready. oooh. OW BROKE MY ANKLES ARE BROKEN MY ANKLES ARE BROKE. His ankles are broken! I GOT BROKEN ANKLESSS AHHHHHHHHHH. Just..didn't go fast enough. Sssuckkssss. Right when I took off I knew something was kinda wrong, right at about 720 I knew it was gonna be rough. When I was in the air I didn't really hear anything. A really dead silence and then I hit the wall and heard a really loud explosion you know just right in my boots. Felt like someone packed dynamite in there you know what I mean lit em and my feet blew up it was crazy


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