• Upward Pant by Bloom Outerwear
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      Reviewed on Jun 29, 2012 @ 3:14 PM Pants 2011

      Overall Overall, I feel that Bloom was able to put out a solid product for their inaugural season. Although all of their outerwear for this season was a shell, they were able to maintain good quality with 20k/20k waterproofing and breathability in order to keep their clients dry and not too hot for the hotter days. The design of the pant is simple and can appeal to most everyone with two colorways. Besides the performance and design of these pants, the customer service at Bloom is outstanding! They are very in touch with their clients and like to interact with those that are interested in them. They are always willing to help out and are all around good guys! I'm stoked to see what they bring into the 2012-2013 season! Performance The Upward pant performs great! They have kept me dry while still keeping me cool for those hotter days. Being a shell pant, I'm not sure how they would perform in colder conditions, but I know that they will keep me dry at least! Design The design is great, especially for a first year company! Most new companies don't get the design down right away since they are newer to the industry. Bloom was able to tackle the design aspect while offering both a baggier fit and a more natural fit within their size range. Although they only offered two designs for this season in two colorways each, I felt that the combination of mint green and black worked well with the design and gives you the option of selecting a more practical pant that can be worn with most everything (the black pants) and a more out there color (the mintchip pants). [IMG]490080[/IMG] [IMG]490084[/IMG] Value The value is spot on. I got my pair in early summer for Windells for $90, which is 50% off the normal price. I felt that $90 was a sick deal but even $180 was fair for them. They are a shell pant, so they are not as heavy duty but have 20K waterproofing so they still keep you dry. Great for summer shredding! Fit I am 6'0" and bought an XL. I wasn't sure if those would be too big or not since previously I was wearing a L in Saga Anomie pants. After talking to Jim (the owner of Bloom) he was able to convince me that an XL would be the perfect size for me based on the look and fit I was going for.