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Roasted Trailer

by OHoblitzelle
Oct 9th - 7.7K views

Our first full length video :) Premier dates: Saturday October 21st, Salt lake city and at IF3 on Saturday October 28th, Montreal Canada. Roasted will drop free online Monday November 6th. Biggest of ups to Tall T Productions

Cali Ski Vacation teaser

by OHoblitzelle
Jun 2017 - 2.5K views

Full california ski vacation video on thursday :) Featuring Magnus Graner, Sakarias Majander, Anders Fornelius, Cole Gibson, Douglas Kallsbo, Alex Hackel, Dylan Sondrup, Jay Wilder, and Abner Wyman.

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Shift park segment

by OHoblitzelle
Oct 2015 - 11.8K views

Shift is a short ski film produced by Peter Vanderwilden and myself. We will be releasing it on friday of this week. This is a park segment that I made with intent of putting it in the movie but decided to drop it separately to keep the movie entirely Backcountry and Urban. This segment features skiing from Dylan Sondrup, Colby Stevenson, Andy Partridge, Keegan Kilbride, Jay Wilder, Tim Ryan, Riley McDonough, Jake Doan and Quinn Wolferman. Look for the full movie later this week.

K2 @ PC

by OHoblitzelle
Feb 2016 - 9.9K views

K2 skiers Andy Partridge, Colby Stevenson, and Dylan Sondrup at Park City. More K2 cuts coming soon. Shot & Cut: Oliver Hoblitzelle Additional Filming: Wyatt Kadwit

Zoom with fish

by OHoblitzelle
Dec 2016 - 13.3K views

Jay Wilder, Dylan Sondrup, Colby Stevenson, Quinn Wolferman, Andy Partridge, Cooper Hargrave, Rory Walsh, Corey Jackson & Alex Hall