• EG1S by Electric
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        Tunnel Vision
        Fish Eye
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        crystal clear
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      Reviewed on Nov 21, 2010 @ 5:37 PM Goggles 2007

      Overall I love them...they may not be for you but if your face is too small for EG2's but you want a better field of view than the EG1 these are for you. Performance The silver chrome lens is sick. super mirrored in the sun but still not bad in flat light.  These havent fogged on me yet either. Also the S stands for spherical, which means that you can see much better when youre mobbin switch. Design I love how they look, because I love the eg1 and the eg1S is even sicker looking in my opinion.  Ive always loved the feel of electric goggles, they feel solid, feel good on your face because of the nice soft foam, and the strap has no complicated gimmicks.  Plus the chrome on white is sex. Value I got em for 50 new, but that was a major steal.  I wouldn't pay retail just cuz i don't do that but if you want a super sick goggle it would be worth it. Fit The fit is great.  I was contemplating getting EG2's but the fact is my face is too small, I'd look dumb and they'd feel wierd.  However I wanted something bigger/better than the regular EG1.  These are perfect, big but not gigantic like the EG2.  I'd say its right in between the eg1 and eg2. Durability They are durable as far as goggles, and the lenses don't scratch as easily as some other brands.