There's no better way to get users excited and engaged than a contest! Each year Newschoolers hosts some of the most original and fun contests for all types of skiers to enjoy! Simply pick a contest to be white labeled with your branding and prizes, sit back, and let us do the rest.

Choose from a list of our pre-determined contest formats, or work with your rep to create custom contests to perfectly suityour needs.

Multiple formats

Choose from head-to-head, elimination and battle royale. We have researched the best and most fair contest practices to bring only the highest quality.


Our system will handle it all. Just plug in graphics, rules, a bit of text and click go. The new system handles everything from start to finish and will send you a report of who won!

Photo Contest

If you're looking for aspiring photographers, or just want to generate some photos for your use, our contest system allows the public to square off.

Video Contest

Our system allows you to host an endless amount of video contest types, from videographer showdowns, re-cuts, to online slopestyle competitions. The sky isthe limit!

Flexible Rule Structure

Flexible settings, such as whether or not videos are viewable, how long the contest runs for, if it's voted on by the public or only a select group, how videos are ranked, and much, much more.

Multiple Rounds

We have a feature that allows you to have as many rounds as you choose, with the same rule set or different, because it's up to you! After each round closes, you can always go back and view the historical action.