What is Newschoolers?

Newschoolers is skiing's online community.

Our platform connects people around the world, and gives them a voice which shapes the culture of skiing.

How it works

  • Members create, upload and embed content
  • Members rate and discuss content.
  • Our platform curates the best content and displays it on the homepage
  • Everyone shares their favorite content

Newschoolers consists of three types of members: creators, curators and consumers. All working in synergy, mass quantities of content is uploaded to the site every day by the creators, sorted by the curators and digested by the consumers. Newschoolers has a place for everyone, whether you want to be there fifty times a day or once per season -- every member is an integral part of the process.

Revenue that comes in from advertising around this content is shared with the people who create it. This develops an ecosystem of content creators who are willing to share their A-level work, and build a career doing so. Your advertising message can stand out beside this content, you can advertise with your content or you can freely push your own content in the mix -- achieving massive levels of social distribution with a veritable army at the helm.