TBT: Tom Wallisch Superunknown V Winning Video by Kretzschmar
Jan 12th - 32.5K views
Filmed all the way back in 2007 before you had ever heard of Tom Wallisch, this was the vid that played a big role in jumpstarting his career by winning him the 5th annual Superunknown contest. Tom went on to attend just about all of Level 1's spring park shoots that year, coming away with a strong showing in our 2007 release, REALTIME, and a few magazine covers shot in Copper Mountain, CO. It took a few more years for the rest of the world to catch up with what Tom was up to, but he's since become one of the most recognizable names in the sport, cranking out contest wins across the globe, along with mindblowing tricks in Level 1's films.
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video BMOS Summer 16
BMOS Summer 16 by blackskier206
Jan 13th - 6.2K views
5 of the last 6 summers I have spent on Mt. Hood. I had nothing to train for this past summer so I skied for myself and accomplished goals that I have had for a long time. If this was my last summer on Hood, I can step away knowing I finished my way! Big thanks to Windell's Camp, Armada, Saga and 4BI9!
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video Bachelor Parks Real Laps Oscar Weary January 15th 2017
Bachelor Parks Real Laps Oscar Weary January 15th 2017 by DominatorJacques
Jan 15th - 287 views
Oscar "Leary" Weary blows my mind here just like Timothy Leary! Timothy said things like "You're only as young as the last time you changed your mind." Unfortunately I have not been able to change my mind in years now! My Subaru does have an LSD rear end though! Be Smart, Make A Plan! #MtBachelorStoked
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video RQ at Woodward Copper
RQ at Woodward Copper by TotallyTrevor
Jan 15th - 590 views
This is a Real Quick one from Woodward Copper before central park opened. The only thing that could have been quicker was my turnaround time editing it. ~\('-")/~ We're Copper boys now :)
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video My last day of winter | Martin Solhaugen
My last day of winter | Martin Solhaugen by solhaugen
Jan 16th - 30 views Hi NS. Remember me? I'm that guy who showed up at the Level 1 Superunknown and then moved to Hawaii shortly after. That's right, it's weird but I am back on winter holliday and decided to make a edit for old times sake. Hope you guys like it.