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video Gamecube Mans
  • By Z.J.H.
  • Score: 70
Bunch of shots from my season. Nintendo payed me for this.

Credit: Alex, Cammy, Pete V, Oli, Frank, Quinn, Drayton

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video Paddy Flanagan 2016 Street Part
Good winter in the cold streets of Minneapolis. Shout out to all my snowboard homies for filming and going out to get shit done.

Credit: Snowboard homies

Skier: Paddy Flanagan

Music: Desire

Location: Minneapolis

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  • 249
video Zanzibar
Keegan Kilbride and Mike Brewer are the worlds most OD skiers. Alex Harrington helped film this.
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  • 24
picture Recordings of the Sun
Sneak peek at our next short movie project: Recordings of the Sun. Trailer coming soon, full short released online in the fall. Featuring Ethan Swadburg, Miguel Porteous, Dane Kirk, Nico Porteous, and Scott Nelson with appearances from Kai George, Levi Ascher, Tim Ryan, Clay Bryant, Tyler Mega, John Brown, Alex Hackel, and Calvin Barrett

Credit: Photo by Emily Tidwell

Skier: Ethan Swadburg

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video May Day Short Edit
Last Day in PA

Credit: Ryan Cookson (@moose.)

Skier: Ben Smullen

Location: Big Boulder Park

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  • 13
Some May laps in Blackpark.


Location: Whistler, BC

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video Sebastian Goller Season edit 2015/16
I am 17 years old and live in Austria! Hope you enjoy my new edit, watch in HD! ;) Thanks to Scott for the last 4 years, it was a blast! Searching for a new sponsor!!

Credit: Sebastian Goller

Skier: Sebastian Goller

Music: Do I wanna know - Artic Moneys

Location: CZ,AUT,AND,

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  • 25
picture Cork7 Blunt

Credit: Forgetek

Skier: Yohei Maruyama

Location: Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan

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  • 28
video Max Meza | 2015/16
  • By maxmeza
  • Score: 28
2015/16 Season Edit #shredforsam

Skier: Max Meza

Music: What They Want

Location: Alta

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  • 8
video Kutcher Rail Heaters - WCS10
  • By eheath
  • 1 Comment
  • Score: 8


Skier: John Kutcher

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  • 30
discussion Meeting nser's / skiers on hill.
I've met a decent bit of you from riding on hood the past few years and have been noticing a trend. Its spring/summer and everyone flocks to Mt. Hood or the other respected late season places. Obviously there are alot of us who end up in the same place. Everyone talks about how connected the NS…
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picture Pipe Jock
Handplants make the world go round

Credit: Emily Tidwell @Lynk_Nation

Skier: Nick Morales @sanch.wun

Location: Tline Mile Park

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video Season 2016 - Philip Hornegger
The product of an superawesome and fun season! Hope you can feel the love. Big thanks to Ehoto and Cbe!

Credit: all my friends

Skier: Philip Hornegger

Music: Eddie Cochran - C'mon everybody

Location: Absolutpark Flachauwinkel

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video Lennon Vaughan 2016
  • By LVaughan
  • Score: 130
Here is my season edit.

Credit: Jack Vanderbeek, Corey Jackson, Elana, Andrew

Music: Again

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video Kid Frankie
With such a short season this year the boiz decided to do a little late season hiking before Peace pipe rolled around. Check it out and be sure to come to Carinthia this Sat 5/28 for the real deal!!!!!!

Credit: Chris DeJohn//860media

Skier: Mike DeJohn, Chris DeJohn

Location: Carinthia Parks @ Mount Snow

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video Elias Henderson - Moments
  • By EliasH
  • 1 Comment
  • Score: 11
Had a great season, this is some of the shots I managed to collect. Enjoy!

Skier: Elias Henderson

Music: The suits, The law & The uniforms

Location: Verbier, Riksgränsen, Pyhä

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picture Noseblunt
  • By Forgetek
  • Score: 29
T-crew Bull

Credit: Forgetek

Skier: Yoshiya Bull Urata

Location: Kandatsu, Niigata, Japan

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video Just another seasonedit
Another season, another seasonedit. Huge thanks to Elan Roxa 2117 of Sweden Republic Easything Media Klappen Ski Resort all the buddies I have been skiing with and everyone who have been behind the camera! Hope you guys like it!

Skier: Samuel Alander

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video Paul Bystrican // Season 16
This past season has been my best season yet. My local hill failed to maintain the small jump they built so I just worked on rails tricks most of the time. Big shout out to my local shop Ski & Snowboard Exchange and Salomon Skis. Next season I hope can take some of my rail tricks to urban rails. Upvote and comment if you enjoyed it!

Credit: TCM

Skier: Paul Bystrican

Music: Put up or Shut up

Location: Ontario & MN

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video Picnic benches
  • Score: 3

Credit: Matt b

Skier: Cole johnson

Location: Truckee

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video Flashback Friday "Urban Ski Reel"
This is some of the urban ski footage Ive gathered over the year. Ive done work for Inspired Media, Level 1 Productions, Jibberish Clothing, Stept Productions, Traveling Circus, D.O.S Media, and myself. Hope you like it. Riders include Tanner Hall, Lupe Hagearty, Taylor Seaton, Will Wesson, Matt Heffernan, Will Berman, Nick Martini, Mike Hornbeck, Jon Brogan, Liam Downey, Corey Roberts, John Strenio, Chappy Geer, Cam McDermid, and Jaron Stadler.

Credit: Scott Klumb

Skier: Many

Location: Colorado and Utah

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picture Lost in Space and Time
  • By G.MONEY
  • 1 Comment
  • Score: 15
Truck driver backie at Mayday

Credit: @enzakar

Skier: Gaege Sylvester (@gaegesylvester13)

Location: Big Boulder

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video Skiing between classes//Jamie Fisher 2016 season
Had an awesome season learning the ways of freeskiing!

Credit: Hayden Wyatt

Skier: @fisherjamie

Music: Cold Cold Cold

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picture What The People Want
  • By icyburr
  • Score: 2
Im giving the people what they want. What they need

Credit: Sammy Knapton

Skier: Michael Granger

Location: Whistler

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